Lucians reflection to the book

I sent Lucian the final edit of the book and asked for his reflection on it. He sent me this:

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 21.20.50

I chose to include this in the book as i feel it is a very emotive and inspiring piece of text, that really places Lucian in to the book. I used it to conclude the book, to end on a positive note that people can feel influenced by after reading his story.


Peter Watson

I began viewing other photographers websites in the similar field to which my work fits in to, which i see as landscape/photojournalism. I came across Peter Watson, and i found as son as i went on to his site the logo stood out to me. The site is very minimalist in black and white, which makes the bold caps stand out against the white banner. He uses a large space in-between the letters to make the area it covers bigger, and as we do not usually view words like this it captures the viewers eye.

I also like the simple category’s at the top of the page, which makes it easy to navigate around the site and pick what you want to see.Screenshot (147).png

Editing down portfolio on website

Whilst reflecting on my website, i felt i had too many images in my portfolio. I decided to edit it down, by creating a different folder for the images from Sri Lanka. As i previously didn’t have a folder for Sri Lanka, i put all the images i could in to the portfolio, which weren’t necessarily my strongest images to be in this area. So i decided to take many of the folder out, only keeping the strongest frames instead of having the whole narrative here. I feel this works a lot better as a viewer can view the portfolio with ease, and view¬†Sri¬†Lanka as a whole story away from the other images. It also looks a lot cleaner on the site.

Screenshot (146).png