I enjoying creating my project, Lucian, because of the connection i got to build with the subject. Although it was difficult interacting with another participant, as i had never worked with someone else this closely on a project before, the outcome was much stronger.

Lucian was helpful and quick with his returns on what i asked for, including captions and reflections on the book. He was very open to ideas, but had his own path in his head of the story he wanted to tell. He didn’t want to reflect on the journey from Romania, but the emotional journey he has been on with different people and activities. I found choosing the image selection the most testing as the images don’t necessarily relate to the captions, but what they remind Lucian of. This meant I had to mainly wait for the captions to the images before making a strong narrative.

The project made me realise the emotional content that a project can bring to someone. It was difficult for Lucian to reflect back on his emotions, and had some restrictions on how far he wanted to tell his story. This made me more emotive towards my subject, as we began a process of recalling his journey together.

To reduce any misrepresentation, there are no words such as ‘migrant’ in the book. It is simply his journey as a person and not a migrant. Although it talks about his movements, without placing this word in the book it doesn’t built the link that holds stigma.

I feel the book allows the reader to learn about Lucian in a way that one wouldn’t usually access. When meeting Lucian, you wouldn’t know about his fears or long journey to get here. So the book allows you to tap in to a deeper path that he has been on, which is further emphasised when reading it in a physical form as you hold the book to get the stronger connection.

I learnt a lot from this project, including working with other people to meet deadlines, how to deal with emotional content, and how small elements can cause misrepresentation.


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