Final Book. Online & in Print

I am pleased with how my final book edit flows as a story of Lucians emotions. I am fond of the front cover, making a peaceful entrance to the book, whilst displaying the depth in to his thought process and artistic talent. I decided to display the book in only one language, as on an online publication the second half of the book would’ve literally been upside down, making it almost impossible for people to read. It would’ve worked in book form, which would be easy to create if desired by copying the lay out of the book. I feel the full bleed images stand out strongly on the double page spreads, as the smaller images look slightly lost on the spreads where there isn’t an accompanying caption, due the two page view which connects the white together. I feel the text works well in its position, and the singular pages with the extra information stand out against the rest of the book, encouraging people to read them.

I wanted to print my final book as I feel it completes the process. I printed two books, one for personal use and one for Lucian, as it is nice for him to have a physical copy to reflect on and thank him for his collaboration. Seeing the book physically made it much more powerful in my opinion, as you can hold and interact with the work instead of simply scrolling through it.

I bound the inside pages with hot glue in the illustration department on the book maker, before pva’ing the front cover on which had been pre-measured and printed. I learnt this technique from the workshop with Mark. Everything fit perfectly and it was a simple process.

The blank pages made much more sense in print form, as it gives you a break from the information, where as when looking online the breaks seem empty. The full bleed images look really clean on the edges of the page, and no work has fallen in to the fold.

I made the book 10x8inches as i feel this is an accessible size to hold and look at. With the majority of the images being landscape format, it made sense to have it in this orientation.


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