Working with Migrants

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 13.59.56In a personal chat, Lucian sent me this message. It is rewarding to know that the project has helped Lucian reflect on his life in a positive way and enjoyed working with the project.

When working with Migrants, there is a risk of bringing up bad memories for them which can cause them to struggle with the project as they go through their own emotional journey. It is often helpful to have some kind of training to deal with the emotional side of this if the subject begins to struggle, to allow them to continue with the process. Sometimes, there are areas they would not like to share, which causes a barrier between the photojournalist and the subject as the whole story can’t be told, or areas may be missing. When dealing with a sensitive subject, close relations can often form due to the sharing of the information, but it is important to keep a professional relationship so the subject doesn’t rely on you for emotional support.


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