New Internationalist

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 19.05.17.pngNew Internationalist is a prime example of a independent, non-profit media co-operative. They specialise in investigative reporting, publishing articles on human rights, politics, social and environmental justice. They have won awards for ‘Best International Coverage’ and been awarded by the United Nations for ‘outstanding contribution to world peace and development’. They invest in in-depth reporting and publishing, ensuring a well informed population as they believe this is essential for a functioning democracy. They have no media or corporate advertisers influencing what they do, being funded by subscriptions and donations.

They work by interacting with an international network of writers, bloggers, campaigners to tell unreported stories to keep readers updated on our complex and changing world. They provide a real insight, sharp analysis and in-depth global coverage on topics from fracking to migration, and what actions can be taken. They strive to make a fairer, more sustainable future.

I personally subscribe to New Internationalist because of the depth in the stories. It presents places i wouldn’t of researched or even heard of, it makes the effort to personally meet the people which makes you trust the article. Each publication focuses on a different theme as shown in the covers. The covers may be illustrations or images, there is no set theme which makes each publication unique.

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

I found this article on misrepresentation in Britain’s media. It goes in to more depth with how brands pull out of magazines etc than i found anywhere else. It is interesting because it is upfront about the problem instead of hiding facts. It also reflects on its own achievements, stating there stats went up by 300 percent after Trumps victory, meaning people want to see the truth.

You can view the different stories in the contents page, which is easily sectioned so you can read the magazine with ease. They use a lot of stats to prove facts, which is shown in fig 2 here, emphasised with different colours to ensure the information isn’t boring. They show both large and small stories, such as independent stories about one person, or a larger scale of a village. I like the way the article about the village has been laid out, as although it is talking about progression over many years, to make it chunk sized they have grouped this in to areas such as health and education so the facts flow.

The natural imagery and informative text, makes the reader connect with the article. They find out facts that wouldn’t usually be published, raw content, which reassures the reader they are being told the truth.


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