Chosen image narrative

To choose my narrative, i printed out every image i had chosen for the book, alongside the captions. From reading through the captions, i new i would be using them as the link for the narrative.

I always wanted 01 for the front cover of the book, as it was one of the first images Lucian had shown me and been passionate about. I enjoy it because of the subtle colours and calm nature of the landscape, but it represents his own life as he states the more you look, the more you see in the image.

I then began the narrative with captions that defined him as a person, the transition he went through, friends and family. This made an outline of his life and the process he has experienced, before putting more emotive content in. The book then goes on to present his struggles, with _15 being the middle image as it presents the wall in his life. From this point, the narrative goes on to explain why he struggles and his fears, before ending on a positive note, looking forward to the future.

I removed _26 from the final book edit, as i realised it is from another photographer with their personal trademark on, which i don’t have a licence to use.

When i began ordering the captions and images, they ended up in three groups. I group of friends and family, personal life, and extra detail. I found images such as the fish _14 difficult to place, as it didn’t have a caption but i felt was a necessary photograph to have in to display a wider outlook on his life, to present his interest in cooking on a wider scale. It ended up after the plates, so you get the context of his history in cooking before seeing the image, so it links.

The easiest part of the narrative for me was image _19 to _24, as each image describes a different fact on his fears and how he deals with them. Im glad the narrative ends on a positive note after this, because it is important for Lucian to look forward to the future and see the positive aspects over everything he has been through.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 17.55.02.png


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