Book design

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 20.04.22

Ideally, i would’ve embedded the word Lucian in to the front page instead of printing it. So i decided to place it in the same place in a similar colour. I used the colour picker tool to select the pink of the sky, then decreased the pinks to make a lighter colour which gives the impression of it being embedded in to the page. I think it works really well in this position as it is framed by the birds, making it a focal point of the frame. The line of the sea allows you to then look further in to the image.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 20.16.50

I used the same text in the first page, with a thank you to Lucian in a darker brown font to make it stand out. I feel this works well here as it immediately acknowledges Lucian. I wanted an extra page before starting the book to prepare the readers, instead of throwing them straight in to the images.

I had the text set 44.3mm away from the opposite page or image edge on each full bleed image. I found when i had portrait images that sat differently on the page, the text was too close to the image and when looking at the book on a wide view, it looked messy as everything else was in order. So i used master pages to set a line at 44.3mm on each page,  combined with using the gap tool so i could ensure they were all at this width away. But in some cases, such as the page with Kiri, the cat, it pushed the text too far in to the fold of the page. It was fine when it goes out to the edge, but in the fold it would get lost when being bound.


For ease of work flow, i used Character styles so my book matched throughout. Once i had chosen my fonts, sizes, colour and alignment, i set them as categories that can easily be selected. I decided to make the text dark charcoal grey instead of black, as i feel it takes the harshness away from reading the text on a white background. I wanted to use an structured text, as i feel the book contains a serious topic, so the text is set as something you would see in a news article or magazine to make it reflect these.

Once i had inserted all of the images and captions, i began looking at the large statement Lucian had sent me. As the text was very grouped in its topics, i thought i would place it throughout the book instead of using it as a prologue as i had previously planned. On some, i placed them as blocks on double page spreads to isolate them to make them a focal point, whilst they flowed in the order of the book providing extra information on the topic of the next image. With the statement about his brother, i combined it with the caption of the image of his brother, as the two were very similar. This produced an extended caption with in-depth information, with a left alignment to link it to the image instead of a full box which places it central.


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