Different Languages – Book layouts

The idea i am most intrigued by from the New Wave exhibition is having the book in different languages. I feel from working with Lucian, it would be almost strange to just present the book in English, as this isn’t his first language. I went home and sketched some ideas of presenting a book in two languages, but keeping them connected.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

Having the languages in one book. The book would have two fronts, with the same front cover, but on the opening, one would be English and one would be written in Romanian. At the centre, there would be two dual blank pages to separate the two, to stop confusion.

FullSizeRender 4I came up with this idea when i saw different books in a box together. By making two books, they can be connecting without being combined. I thought about connecting the books in a physical way, and thought of actually holding them together. By creating a wide border, a hole can be made through each book in the same place, holding them together. The loop represents the earth, a continuous globe that can’t be broken, and i thought this was a good idea when working with Migrants to combine us together.
Although i really enjoy this idea, i feel it may be more affective when the books are in several different languages. Maybe different people for each book, with a repetitive front cover, creates a loop of cultures together.


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