Still, D.W Mellor.

A Lodima Press Portfolio Book

‘As an artist I am interested in how natural light defines arranged objects.’ D.W Mellor, 2007

When I opened the book, Still, I wasn’t intrigued by the subject matter, but more the clean cut, flowing presentation of the book. It made me think about how much the presentation of the work really does play a huge part in how people portray and engage with the work. The subject matter, objects that he rents, borrows or purchases from all over the globe, are simple. Although he has a personal connection to the items, to a viewer it is simply a bowl on the table, which is enhanced by the caption choice on the images; ‘Conch Shell, Amsterdam.’

The whole book is based on simplicity, forcing the viewer to look at the shape and beautiful tonal values on the items. As its in black and white, it flows, accompanied by the generic horizon line, which keeps the viewers eye in the same position throughout the book.

I enjoy the simplicity of the front cover, which addresses the content of the book in a mature manor. The clean white pages complement the green tone, which doesn’t detract attention from the content itself.


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