Original Images

I met Lucian after him having my Canon 1200D for 11 days, to see the results of his images. I copied all of the images he had taken on to my own laptop, so we both had a copy of the images. He had taken around 150 photographs from his experiences and of his friends in this time.

I found the images he had taken on the camera were repetitive, of places he had been, with different angles and perspectives. Although they were good, he had little to say about some of the images. He addressed the fact that he felt the pictures were more forced when taken with the camera, as he had to stop and think about the process. He added that he had taken more images on his phone – which we then looked at.

We spent a while going back through all of his phone images, back to 2012. The images were more personal and varied, and he had a lot to say about the context in the images. After going through all of them, i selected around 75 images from his phone, to add to the gallery.

What was interesting about going through all of the images with Lucian, is he had an explanation behind images that i wouldn’t of expected, such as how they made him feel, but less about ones of his friends for example. But this made it difficult for me to select images, as i had to have his input of the explanations, so i selected as many as i could, considering what he had told me about various images.

Contact sheets of images from the camera and his phone:


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