Over Farm Market

I am pleased with my final 8 images as I feel it portrays the narrative of Over Farm Market. I enjoyed working in the relaxed atmosphere of the farm and shop, as all the workers and customers came for the calm nature of the area, and as it is out of the way from normal shops, are obviously passionate about the produce or the activities to come here.

I found working with film challenging at times, as it was out of my comfort zone, normally working with digital. Using the Pentax K1000 , the camera was relatively small so I could carry it easily and wasn’t intrusive. I decided to work on 35mm film as I felt the rectangular shape complemented the subject better and the cameras are smaller. I found working with a manual camera made me think more about each shot I was taking as I didn’t want to waste any, and also made me concentrate on the exposure and focus considerably more as this cant be changed afterwards. But manual focusing with the dial for a shot that needs to be taking in the moment was difficult as it takes time to make the process happen. When I processed the negatives, I didn’t feel rewarded by the images. I had to change after 4 rolls of film from Rodinal which I had chosen, to D-76 as the university has run out of Rodinal, which slightly changed the aesthetics of my negatives as they produce a different contrast. I only felt like the images came to life when I printed them on paper, as I could hold them and appreciate the composition. But this is an expensive and time consuming process, so I couldn’t do it for all the images I would’ve liked, and stuck to making the final 8. As I split graded all of my prints, as I felt I had more control this way, so the process between RC and FB paper was the same, apart from the later processes of washing and flattening.

The final 8 images balance the workers, customers and produce/local products they sell at the farm. It presents all aspects of the sustainability on the farm. I am pleased with the edit I have chosen, after adjusting it several times, as I wanted to perfect the final result as I had spent a lot of time printing them. If I had a larger edit I would’ve included more produce prints as these are aesthetically pleasing and print well due to the often high contrasts.

I appreciate that the negatives are more sustainable for archival terms, but I feel environmentally due to the processing chemicals and time consumed printing, with the printing chemicals it is more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable to work in digital.

Although I enjoyed working on film as a change from digital, for Documentary purposes I would still work on digital as the work flow is quicker and the results are more efficient. I would work with Over Farm Market again as I enjoyed the atmosphere, and how helpful the staff and friendly the customers were.



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