Adjusting the edit

After printing my chosen final 8 images, i wasn’t happy with several of the prints. As i already knew, the prints can be problematic and look different from the scans. I looked back on all the images i liked on the print outs, and lined them up with images that mirrored the same point in the narrative.

IMG_2733I had chosen the top photograph here as my establishing shot. But due to the indoor & outdoor lighting, it was very difficult to print. I used black card templates to cover the indoor area when exposing for the outdoor, but i still couldn’t get the print right. After 6 attempts, i decided to use the mirroring photograph of a close up of the vegetables. This image still presents the ‘Fresh Farm Goods’ and states that it is grown in their fields, so provides context to the farm and shop.

I then changed the meat image, as the seasoning made it look rough and out of focus. I changed it to the top image, after printing the one below also. I found the logo on the top was informative and presented that people worked in the area. As i added this, and presented the workers, i removed the image of the girl at the counter as i felt it was repetitive.

The photographs of the shoppers indoors were very dark, and even on a test strip i saw that the light bouncing off the counters created large white areas on the prints. I removed these images and replaced them with the image of the jam jars, to provide context that they don’t just sell fresh produce, but local products.

I found the portrait looked staged compared to the rest of the images, but i wanted to keep an image of Barry as he runs the shop and provided the interview text. So i used an image of him working, which also displays a wider view of the shop.

I also used both images of the pig and the mother and son, as i felt this balances out the farm shop to farm proportion, and also presents the petting zoo which hadn’t been included. It complements the pig to make it seem like the pig isn’t going to the butchers.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
Final Edit

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