Online Images

Scan the negatives, retouch and produce high quality digital images


  • Cleaner images, can remove dust and scratch marks
  • Can control levels, making grey prints look more contrasty
  • Crop the images
  • Quicker process
  • Cheaper, no paper or chemicals needed


  • The true negative isn’t shown
  • No physical print is used

Scan the prints, digitising the interpretation of the negative as undertaken in the darkroom environment


  • Exactly as the negative is
  • Shows you can work in the dark room
  • Suggest how you would like them to be seen – borders etc.
  • Making use of the prints


  • Any dirt on the negative print will be scanned in

I have chosen to scan in my prints, as i feel for my website i would like clean, crisp prints. I enjoy making the negatives look exactly how i would like them to be portrayed with the levels, instead of working with limitations in the dark room.


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