Selecting the edit

On these contact sheets are all the images that i think fit the brief and are aesthetically pleasing. The hardest part of the edit was remembering how different the prints look from the scans, so i needed to consider what they would look like from the negative. To do this, i would compare the scan with the negative to check the exposure was good to print.

I had to choose whether to take a narrative that displayed every area of the farm and farm shop, or choose the most aesthetically pleasing images. I made both narratives:

The first narrative i made displays the process of the farm shop. It begins with an establishing shot, which displays the sort of produce the farm sells, and context behind the fact you need to drive there. It then displays the lay out, with people shopping at the counter. The carrots demonstrate the fresh produce, and are also a stand out composition, along with the duck eggs. It then portrays the people that work there through the girl working. They were passionate about the sustainable meat, so i chose to include an image of the butchers meat so i could include the information. Then a portrait of the manager, before ending with an animal from the petting zoo. The caption here will support that the pig isn’t an animal for meat but for pleasure of the petting zoo. When choosing this edit, i had several images to pick from that presented the same thing. E.g. the women and child with the animal or a direct picture of the animal. I chose the pig as i feel it is more eye-catching, and it addresses the camera. And what veg to use, which is an aesthetic choice with which image fits best within the other images.

FullSizeRender 2.jpgSecondly, an edit that focuses mainly on the aesthetics of the images. It presents only produce and meat, but i know from previous test prints both the bottom meat images print very flat and grey, compared to the scans.

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