Charles Jones

Charles Jones was born in Wolverhampton, 1866. He was a gardener that kept images of his fruits and plants. Little was known about his work until 1981 when a collector found his work in an antique market in London. Most of the images depicted vegetables, whilst a third were fruits and flowers.

All of his prints were gold toned gelatine silver prints from glass plate negatives, which suggests he was a keen photographer and wanted to preserve his prints. The work proclaims a subtle example of natural items and an artistic nature. The plain backgrounds send the subjects to the forefront of the compositions, as this was his main focus. This style of light an focus, was Jones’ signature style.

I am interested in Jones’ work due to my prints of the macro vegetables such as the carrots, to compare the images. Jones’ work is very split toned, with black and whites, little mid tones. This creates a high contrast that is eye-catching, as this isn’t how we would usually view an item such as the vegetables. It makes the veg look artistic, not like food. The compositions are complementary to the veg. The sustainability of his prints is intriguing as gold toning the prints means he had the intentions of them lasting a long time.


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