Easter shoots

When i had processed the 4 rolls of 36 exposures, i noticed that one of the rolls was very dark. The negatives where almost white, meaning the images contain a high amount of black. I had another roll from indoors, which was exposed fine. I think there may of been a small light leak or processing error with this roll, but some of the images are still useable on a very short exposure.

I again have scanned my favourite images that i feel fit the brief so i can analyse them in turn with the images i have already taken. I am pleased with the images i have got, and particularly like the image with the mother and son looking at the pig. I feel this image presents what the petting zoo is about, and the bond between the parent and child is evident. I avoided scanning images of the theme park as i felt it didn’t represent the farm on the whole, but i did scan two images with children on the slide as it shows the happiness and authentic fun of the farm, and the candy store, which shows a social area. When i was photographing in the cafe, there was no one eating so i took after photographs to present the refinance of people and the sort of atmosphere it creates.


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