Easter photography-shoots

Thursday 13th April

On Thursday i was concentrating on the Inflatable Theme Park and the Easter Trail at Over Farm Market. I arrived at around 10.30am and it was a sunny day with some cloud coverage, which was good as previously i had a lack of contrast in the sky in my images. Being in the easter break for schools, it was very busy with families which was good for getting pictures of interaction. I found i spent most my time focusing on the easter trail, as this lead me around the farm, with all the animals. I tried to focus on natural pictures, as i want to reflect the fun that comes from the outdoors. I photographed both adults and children, to get a range of ages which reflects the type of custom at the farm. Parents didn’t question me taking pictures around the farm, and occasionally i addressed the families to let them know what i was doing if i got close to the family to reduce and friction or awkwardness that could’ve arisen. I spent less time in the theme park as it was very industrialised scene which doesn’t fit with the farm, but it was good to get images of families having picnics and kids on rides.

From this shoot i am hoping to get natural, joyful images of children playing, following the easter trail and family pictures of them interacting.

Monday 17th April

On the Monday the weather was gloomy and grey, which meant less people were at the farm, and naturally being the end of the holidays less people would’ve been out. I arrived earlier at 9.30am, and it was mainly shoppers in the farm shop. Although i wanted to get more outdoors shots, including the cider tasting and face painting, due to the bad weather and lack of people i changed my mind. I focused on inside the shop, of people shopping around the shop as i had a lack of these images. It now means i will have a balance between outdoor people photographs, and indoor people photographs which will boost my social sustainability images.


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