Migration to Cheltenham

I am looking at the Migration levels in Cheltenham to gain an idea of the kind of place me, and Lucian are interacting in. In every 100 people, 15 were born outside of the UK, compared to 13 on average over the UK. Around 999 migrants entered the area intending to stay more than a year in 2014, meaning many have intentions to stay and work in the area.

As you can see from the pictures below, Cheltenham is not a hub for external migrants, with only 15% being born outside of the UK. The statistics get more dense as they go towards London, what is expected for the capital city.

As on a whole the statistics are low, it suggests that people have direct reasons for moving to Cheltenham. This may be a specific job e.g. a promotion, family, friends, or study. This is something i will have to consider when talking to Lucian, as there could be a personal reason for him moving here.

Images: http://visual.ons.gov.uk/what-are-migration-levels-like-in-your-area/


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