Lucian’s personal work

Lucian has a passion for 35 mm film photography. He showed me some of his personal photography, mainly of travels he has been on and close friends. It is possible these images may end up in the book, as they are images that are close to his heart.

lucian 35mmLucian pointed this out to me as his favourite image. He said he likes it because the more you look at it, the more depth you see in the background. I really enjoy the colour palette and aesthetics of this image, the birds capture a sense of movement and time in the frame. I feel like this would be a good cover image, depending on the inside contents of the book, so it would follow a theme. I think it represents Lucian well, as the same applies with the more you talk to him, the more depth you get back from him.

lucian 35mm3This image is of his friends on a trip. I like this because of how natural it is, it creates a sense of being relaxed around him and being in the moment. The women drawing reflects the artistic nature of his friends, which reflects on to him with his friendship choice.lucian 35mm2

This image is of Lucians brother. It is a single exposure but something happened during the picture being taken, maybe the shutter not working effectively which created this effect on the right of the image. He said it works well, and also reflects Lucians uneasy relationship with his family. Although he is yet to go in to details, he doesn’t talk about any of his family but his brother.

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