Lucian’s home town. Bucharest, Romania.

bucharest-03Bucharest the capital city located in Southern Romania, with a population of 1.921 million (2014). It is renowned for its architecture and artistic vibe, so its becoming a popular get away destination. The exchange rate is £1 to 5 Romanian Lei, and you can get a budget hotel for around £10 a night, making it a relatively cheap destination for the British.

bucharstChannel 4 did an interview with a British graduate that moved to Bucharest after completing University. He states that there are plenty of graduate jobs over there, and it is a good living standard. He says it is much cheaper to live, but this does balance out with the yearly salary being 5x lower than London.

Cost of living: Romania vs UK

Average yearly salary
UK: £26,500
Romania: £4,485

Average rent
London: £1,463 (all properties)
Bucharest: £324 a month (3-bed property)

Monthly travel pass
London: £116.80
Bucharest: £9.22

Loaf of bread
UK: £1.30
Romania: £0.37


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