New Project Proposal

When i chose my first Migration brief, i focused on what i was interested in subject wise, and wanted to focus on this to increase my learning process. But after i had chosen this, i have looked through all the collaborative project books that have been put on my blog, and have been inspired by the stories that the subjects have told through their own photography. To complete my previous project, i would’ve only had the maximum of 4 days with the subjects, which i knew was going to be a push for contact time, and after seeing the results of having more contact time with the subjects, i wanted a more direct approach. As my research has been on migration from Romania, i wanted to continue working with a Romanian/s as i feel i am comfortable with the research i have done. I am pleased i did all the previous research, as it did help me learn about reasons for migrants moving over to the UK, although some of it now will be less relevant.

My new project will focus on a man called Lucian, from Bucharest, Romania. I have known Lucian for around 18 months, and i have always been inspired by his artistic background. He studies Landscape Architecture at the University of Gloucestershire, which loosely links in with the the interest of farming & horticulture i had previously researched. 

Lucian has a big story to tell from his journey, now being 30 years old, struggling with depression, he was really open to doing this project with me. This makes me feel confident about the project, because I’m am fulfilled knowing that both me and the participant are enjoying and learning the process, as i feel that is what a collaborative project is about.

My main inspiration has been taken from the New Londoners book. I feel this is the book that has most inspired me and the projects have spoken to me. Because of this, i am going to take this approach in my own work. I met Lucian to discuss ideas for the project. He had lots of his own ideas on what aspects of his life he wanted to focus on which was great to hear. He takes film photographs himself, so he showed me his favourite ones of these, including his favourite landscape and images of his friends, which i would like to include in the narrative.

These were my initial notes that i took to inspire Lucian, which I have taken from images in the books i have seen: green (archival) blue (new images) red (ideas for text in the book)

I have given Lucian my Canon 1200D to work with as he doesn’t have a professional camera and i would like raw files to work with. He will be shooting in Raw + JPEG together so the jpegs are easy to review whilst still having the high quality files. He said he is going to carry the camera around constantly with him so he can capture the emotions/moments he wants at the time. We are going to review the images in 10 days to see how the initial narrative is going.


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