Scanned prints

As i kept reflecting on my contact sheets, i was finding more images that i wanted to print. After i had printed the 7 frames previously, i found that they wouldn’t all be used as we are only submitting 6 RC paper prints. This made me question my own sustainability. Printing lots of prints that may not be used isn’t cost effective, nor environmentally friendly due to the use of paper and chemicals. The main aim of this project is presenting sustainability, so i feel this needs to also be reflected through my practice. Although printing previously was good for my learning process as i got to work with different levels in images, and different compositions.

I have decided to high quality scan the images i like instead, as then when i have finished all of my shoots, i can create high quality print outs/contact sheets to decide what images i then want to print for final images. Scanning these in high quality does take around 4 minutes per frame, but this is still quicker than creating a print, and doesn’t cost anything, or use any resources apart from the electricity used to power the computer or scanner.

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