Covering Letter

Free-Awesome-Resume-Template-3.pngI found this example Cover Letter on Google, and it is very similar to the lay out of my CV. I think this is interesting as it allows them to be connected in a way that the reader can remember. I normally would just write up a plain covering letter, but i definitely want to try something that is more striking. On they have a great example of applying for a wedding photographer job.  is for a family picture studio, and for a photography studio.

They all follow a common theme, of stating why they would be good for the role, such as years of experience, before going in to slight detail of their practice/techniques. 2 of the Covering Letters state that the photographer will call the person they are applying to, but 1 states they hope they will call. Ringing them yourself is a bold statement, and makes you look confident.

When reading one of them, i realised it was written as ‘as an experienced…’ but in my CV i have written in first person, as ‘i am’ so i need to continue this through to my covering letter.

 covering letter.JPGInspired by the examples i have seen, i chose to keep the same lay out on my covering letter. I kept the side profile to give immediate information on my skills and my profile. I found it slightly difficult to write a covering letter without having an exact vacany to apply for, so i couldnt include things that would apply directly to the company.
Future Plan feedback:
  • attributes which relate specifically to the vacancy
  • company details at the top, plus a date
  • an image

All of these feedback points rely on me knowing the vacancy to apply for so they can link to the job. I will keep them in mind foe when i have to apply for a job and alter them at this stage.


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