Dinu Li. Secret Shadows

After looking at the books i had chosen, i wanted to look at photographing personal items, such as around the house. Dinu Li created a project in 2002 that documents areas of a house. On her personal webiste, she doesnt provide any information on the project, only C prints, 2002.  www.dinuli.com/secret_shadows/index.html


a) The red base of this image, from the wall paper to the bright shoes, contrasts against the black hangers. This contrast makes the frame work, as the harsh straight lines cut through the soft red tones in the wall paper, drawing the eyes in. This then allows the viewer to look at the shoes, assuming that a child lives in the house which the photograph has been taken.

b) The pale palette here creates a ghostly feel to the image. It suggests someone lives here due to the towel, but the door that has had multiple locks, the dirty light switch, suggests a difficult living condition. From small things like this, a viewer can tell a lot about a person, without having any indication of who they are.

dinu liI feel this is the most informative picture from the series. It suggests the technology they can afford, a sense of personality through the map, a personal photograph, and left over rubbish. In an aesthetically pleasing frame, all this information can be read from the way Li has chosen to photograph it.

The title Secret shadows, suggests these are areas that people want to keep private, or hidden for some reason. Li uses codes and symbols to expose a person through their surroundings.

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