I have made a small list of questions for me to focus on to ensure i get the right and necessary information that i need to learn about, and work with my subjects.

  1. Reasons for moving to the UK from Romania
  2. Why did they chose to move over to work in the farming industry
  3. Did they initially feel comfortable. Where there any barriers? eg. Language
  4. Have they felt any prejudice against them
  5. Impact on their daughter
    Is it important to keep up their Romanian culture? if so, what ways to they use
  6. Process they had to go through to become British Citizens

Less direct questions:

  1. What was the first British thing you learnt/got in to.
    (e.g making a cup of tea.)
  2.  Was it difficult to find your way around?
  3. Have you made any other Romanian friends.

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