Over Farm Market

I emailed OFM through the contact email on their website, which goes through their website instead of providing me with their email address (http://www.overfarm.co.uk/contact/). This is the first email i sent them:

Dear Over Farm Market,

My name is Chloe Lomax and I am a student at the University of Gloucestershire studying Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. I am currently undergoing a photojournalism project called Sustainable Communities. The aim of my project is to document a community, that focuses their lives around social, economic and environmental sustainability, whilst producing archival material through black and white film.
I am emailing you today to ask for the opportunity to document Over Farm Market as my project. I feel your business meets the sustainable needs through growing your own produce, and brings in the community through your farm shop, and selling your produce in local markets. I would be interested in photographing all areas of the process, including the farming, the animals, inside the shop, and selling at the markets to present a whole sustainable process. I am particularly interested in documenting farm shops such as yours, as I feel it is important to promote, and support sustainable produce.
The whole project will be completed on 35mm black and white film, to produce archival documents of your business. I would be happy to share the final images and material with you, for you to have current, and archival images of Over Farm.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more information, please do not hesitate to email me back on chloelomax@connect.glos.ac.uk , or text/call me on 07809266708.

You can view my portfolio here, http://www.chloelomax.com/

I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks, Chloe Lomax

The response i received of them was really positive, and they were really happy for me to document the farm, with the usage of the images being used for their own social media. I feel this process in itself is sustainable, as both parties are gaining something from the experience.

Over Farm Market

Over Farm Market is a farm shop one mile out of Gloucester city centre. As well as growing and selling seasonal fruit and vegetables, they sell local food & British ware, have petting animals, a venue barn and seasonal events. They are open Monday – Saturday 9am-5am, and Sunday 9.30am-5pm. They also have a tea room for snacks with free WiFi.

Currently, produce such as purple sprouting and rhubarb are in season, being grown on the farm. The seasonal fruit and veg they are growing can be found here: http://www.overfarmmarket.co.uk/farm-shop/farm-grown-fruit-and-vegetables/.

OFM pic 3They have a gallery on their website at: http://www.overfarm.co.uk/gallery/. The images are all very vibrant and fun. The sense of enjoyment and freshness definitely comes through the images. They seem very natural, like everything has been photographed as it is, without any excess lighting or arrangement. Obviously all the photographs have been taken on a sunny day, which enhances the colours, and brings more people to a place like this, to pet the animals and pick the fresh produces such as strawberries shown in the picture. Pictures like this are reassuring that people that attend the farm are happy and full of life, great to promote the sustainability of the social aspect of the farm.


OFM instaThere is also a link to their Instagram on their website, saying that it contains more images. The images on their Instagram are more casual, but there is a lot more variety and content on their. There are many images of the produce, that looks as they sell it at the shop. Also, they have a vast amount of events documented on their Instagram. The latest two biggest events for them have been Halloween and Easter. I really like how they upload lots of images, as it creates an array of colour, such as the orange at Halloween, and creates a happy vibe for their social page. I was interested to see the Easter images, as I will be documenting them around this time, and it looks like they arrange may activities for children and have good promotional images on their adverts.



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