New Ideas

After my meeting with The Friends of Hatherley Park with Ffyona, i decided that to give us both creative space, and a more dedicated project, i would look for a new brief. As both of us would be focusing on such as small area, the scope that we could use was limited to ensure we wouldn’t be using the same subjects and themes throughout the project. I feel that choosing a new brief will allow me to put all of my effort and ideas in to an area, to get the best out of the opportunity. I am passionate about working with the outdoors, so this is a theme i would like to continue with.

I began my search by googling sustainable areas in Gloucestershire to see if there were any areas that sparked my interest. I found that there is are multiple co-housing communities in the area.


I was intrigued when i found out there were co-housing communities in the are as I didn’t realise that this was something that was happening locally. I found two communities, Postlip and Springhill in Stroud, which i researched.

Postlip & Springhill

Postlip is a community in the Postlip Valley in the Cotswolds, in which eight families live in separate homes in a large manor house. They do activities together such as growing organic foods, maintaining the house and grounds, and running public events. Springhill is a community near the centre of Stroud, and is the first new build cohousing to be completed in the UK. There are 34 units holding one bedroom flats and five bedroom houses. Communal meals are served three times a week, in the common house in which the social events also take place. Springhill is definitely the bigger cohousing community, as Postlip is a more closed, centered community that have more private lives. But both sound very actively involved in with the environment, and social sustainability.

Farmers Markets

When i was researching Springhill in Stroud, i came across their Famers Market ( This took me to the Fresh n Local website, which hosts all of the markets in Gloucestershire, where i learnt that they take place in Stroud, Swindon, Stow, Gloucester, and also a flea market called Threadneedle in Stroud.

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