Dinu Li, The Mother of All Journeys.

When i first read the title, i assumed the book would be about a difficult journey. But when i began reading Li explains that this is actually a journey with her mother. It began looking at her mothers old belongings, photographs ect, and Li wanted to experience and document all of her memories. They went back to all of the places to take photographs, which have been put together in this book.

li 1I find the images quite emotive, as they have obviously deteriorated from what her mother is describing, which must of been a hard place to be for both of them. The captions describe the memories from the places photographed, many are memories of happiness, instead of deep anecdotes that suggest a struggle.

Original photographs have been used in the book as time capsules, places or moments that now cant be captured. Such as making your first cup of tea, a general family photograph has been used to present this as a mile stone for the family.

IMG_2432I like this book because it is easy to go through. There isn’t much heavy text, but you feel like you experience the places with them by the carefully selected memories or images that have been used. The lay out presents a lot of empty space on the white pages, not pushing the images on to the viewer. The text is often on the neighboring page, slightly separating the two. The collaborative element of the book isn’t so obvious through the images alone, but is an important aspect of the book. The meaning of the book comes through the text, which then allows you to understand the photostory.


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