Contact Sheet Processing


To begin making the contact sheet, i used a quarter of a sheet of RC paper, to allow me to get a small test. This is made with 5 second intervals. The first interval (bottom right) is very large as after the lights go out, i couldn’t see where the white paper was on the white plate so i had to guess, but the paper still shows the correct timings, but from this next
time i will put something like a black piece of paper underneath the RC paper so i can see where i am exposing. I originally decided that between 15 and 20 seconds was the correct exposure for both the highlights and shadows, but when i exposed this for the whole grid at 17 seconds, it exposed well for the highlights, but the shadows were too dark. After this, i exposed for 10 seconds, and i could now see the full images on the whole grid.

I found it difficult to choose an exposure for the whole grid, as i had images with both strong highlights, and dark shadows. Here, the bear exposed on 10 seconds, the shadows have been lifted, but the highlights are slightly blown. For this as an individual image, an exposure between the 10 and 17 seconds would be used. For the image of the trees, on the 10 second exposure the trees began to blur in to the background as the highlights were blown, it looked much better on the 17 seconds having the strong black lines of the trees.

This is a difficult image due to the huge contrast. In the 17 second, the light bursts come through the shadows in sharp stars, where as in the 10 second they blow out, but the ducks in the water can be seen. For an image like this, dodging and burning would be used to expose the different elements for different times.


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