Immigration from Romania

I want to research immigration from Romania to the UK to gain a basic understanding of why Phillip and Michelle would of wanted to migrate from there and what appeals to them about the UK.

In a Sky article, ‘Why the UK appeals to Romanians’, the subtitle explains that the employment rate in Romania is better than the UKs, so it isn’t a lack of jobs that makes them want to come here, which is a common reason for migrants from other countries. It explains that the wages in Romania are as little as 1/4 of the UK, with police offers earning around £250 a month after tax.

In January 2014, the temporary annual cap that limited the number of unskilled Romanian and Bulgarian workers entering the UK to 25,000, expired. This raised concerns about the number of people travelling to the UK to find work.  After the Brexit referendum in June 2016, there are still worries about the immigration rates. The Independent article in Feb 2017 states that although the UK has seen an overall fall in immigration since, the rates from Romania and Bulgaria have continued to increase.

But in Romania, they are worried about loosing their highest qualified people. If Romanians go to University, they are highly qualified and know they can earn more in a different country, this means they loose a high amount of skilled workers each year.

Sky interviewed a Romanian called Daniel Rusu, who had intentions of coming to the UK to work on building sites, but he was concerned about the judgement of moving over here. He stated that Britons overstate concerns that they are moving over to beg, steal and have no plans to get hired, and although the realistic numbers are tiny, they have a massive affect on opinion.

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