What am I interested in

I am interested in External migrants that have come over to the UK. Reasons that migrants come to the UK can differ highly, to low employment rates in their own counties, low salaries or poor living conditions. I want to focus on external migrants rather than forced migrants, as i would like to explore why people choose from their own will to travel to the UK. I feel from this i can learn about what is appealing about the UK to outsiders, and explore the routes they have to go down to achieve entering the county legally and safely. I would like to focus on a small group/family or individual from a certain area, as i feel this will allow me to gain a deeper context of the situation they have come from and why, instead of briefly looking at multiple stories. I would be interested in gaining personal access to their lives, including home and work lives to document the whole scope of the migrants situation.

I am also keen to find out how being a migrant, and having children that have either been brought across or born in the UK feels. I would question if the parents feel it has any affect on the child in education or socially, and if they feel any stigma against them. Things like language and keeping the culture of their home country may be important to the parents.

My family have always lived in Lincolnshire, one of the biggest farming industries in the UK. I am familiar with the amount of migrant farmers that work in the fields, which i have always assumed are easy to get to work as UK residents don’t have a desire to farm, and may work at a lower rate. I have always heard mixed opinions as my grandparents whom live in a small village, have witnessed the influx of migrants into their local area, have seen the affects of industrialisation due to more houses being built and different shops being put up in their local towns. Whereas my auntie, who works for a business supplying plants to big supermarkets like Morrison’s, employs a large number of migrants to work in the nursery’s and in the middle grounds of the process. I would like to explore this area of the impact of migrants on the farming industry more.

Due to the connection with myself and Lincolnshire, and the mixed opinions i have been exposed to, I am naturally drawn towards documenting a migrant in this area because i feel the collaboration would be strong and it would allow me to get the side of the story from someone in the first person. Because of my interest in the migrant community here, it would allow me to learn about something i am passionate about, whilst allowing them to tell their own story, which i feel is a really productive way of learning and progressing.


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