Romanians. Nursery Fresh Plants LTD

Through a family contact in Lincolnshire, I have been connected with a family of Romanians that live in Peterborough. I had a phone call with my family member who gave me rough details on the Romanians. The two parents are called Phillip and Michelle, they have one child who was born in the UK, Erika. They both work in the plant industry as they moved over here to work in the horticultural industry, with Paul being a driver for a plant company, and Michelle works for Nursery Fresh, a plant supplier in Spalding, organising and looking after the plants. They have lived in multiple houses in Lincolnshire, starting of with renting two houses, and they have just bought their first house. This is a progression in size and living standards, as they began to earn more money living in the UK. They have integrated well in to the community, with stable jobs and friends, they invited my auntie and uncle over to Romania so they could experience their culture, as they felt so welcomed in to the area.

Nursery Fresh Plants

Nursery Fresh is a family business established in 1978, supplying alpines, herbs, bedding, vegetables and much more. They are suppliers to much of the UK, and promote buying local produce in Lincolnshire to distribute.

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