Project proposal

For my Sustainable Communities, Migrants project, i am planning to document the Romanian family. I have chosen this as the family fits the ideals that i wanted to document, working with the farming industry in Lincolnshire, they have built their way up in the community to build a new life for themselves, in a legal, safe way. Their daughter, Erika will make a good subject as she is a toddler, whom will have little viewpoint, but speaks both Romanian and English. I am eager to see how the parents feel she will integrate, like they have, in to the community, and if it will pose any disadvantages for her.

Things that i would like to look in to, is their old homes, to see the progression they have made. Old family photos, of when the parents lived in Romania, the transition to moving in to Britain, and also the documentation of them becoming official British citizens. Documenting the family at home, their social life, and the parents working, will give me a broad scope of the lifestyle a migrant can live in Lincolnshire.

I am going to make this a collaborative project by telling their own story through me. I will use a recorder to document our conversations, and use direct speech from this in the text to allow them to get their own words across. Photographs and paperwork will be added to the book, to show their official move over to Britain so there can be no doubts to anyone reading the book, which follows the theme of misrepresentation. I feel i need to put in as much detail as i can to the book to really do justice to the hard work the family have put in to becoming one with their community.

I find documenting people that work at the higher end of the farming industry in Lincolnshire will help me determine the standards of migrants that work in the area, as some of the farm hands can be working illegally, and for a low wage, where as this family is at the higher end of this chain. As they started out at the lower end, i would like to find out their opinions on the migrant farmers and how they contribute to Nursery Fresh.


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