Farming in Lincolnshire

After doing my research on general immigration in Lincolnshire, i expected to see articles on the importance of foreigners working in the fens in the area when i googled, ‘Migrant Farming Lincolnshire’. Instead, i found many articles stating that Farm owners are finding it difficult to find migrants to work on the farms since Brexit has gone ahead.

A farmer says it is harder to employ migrant workers following Brexit

‘Lincolnshire farmer struggles to find Eastern European staff to pull crops’ was the headline of an article by Lincolnshire Live. Being a website based on Lincolnshire, with people in the local area writing the articles, they have focused on ‘Eastern European’ migrants as they understand this is the largest majority of migrants on the farms. They suggest that since the referendum, the pound has dropped which is playing a part in less workers, as the wage for them is below national average anyway. But people in Lincolnshire had a 75.6% vote favoring Britain to leave the EU, which is no surprise to me following the friction being caused by the immigrant population there.

In Farming UK, a Lincolnshire farmer, Tim Casey, suggests that the current acute problems will cause real problems in three to five years. It states that two employment agencies for Eastern Europeans working on UK Farms, failed to fill 600 positions, as the message from Brexit said they are not welcome here. In agriculture alone more than 30,000 permanent workers, and 67,000 seasonal workers helped keep shops stocked with UK produce.

The BBC published a report in September 2016, the most recent i have looked at, from a manager of Jack Buck Farms in Lincolnshire, who states in the heading ‘We could not operate without migrants.’. The farmer states that four-fifths of his workforce come from countries in Eastern Europe, because he ‘cant get enough British people who want to work on the land’.


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