Meeting with Hatherley Park

Me, and Ffyona are both documenting Hatherley park. We arranged a meeting together on Wednesday 22nd February to discuss the projects available, and to ensure that the projects wouldn’t be too similar.

We met at the gates of the park and walked around to further familiarise ourselves with the area. As we walked around, we spoke about the different areas of the park and what goes on in each area. We then went back to Lorna, one of the Friends of Hatherley Park to discuss the project in more depth. Lorna, and beccy, another Friend were there. They showed us archival photographs of the park, which were really interesting to reflect on and learn more about the park, and people that enjoy it.

We decided that Ffyona would focus on the Friends themselves, and i would look at the wider scope of the park. The Friends were really helpful in speaking about contacts, where to find them, and contacting them for us. From the archival photographs, there were many people they have contacted for us to meet, to get photographs and memories.


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