Logo development & Icon


After reviewing my logo, I decided that the text wasn’t powerful enough over the back-set trees. I had seen the use of the vertical line a lot to make a bold statement, and decided to try it to separate my text slightly. I think this works really well with my name as both Chloe and Lomax have 5 letters so it balances the letters. Photography sits nicely underneath and the line leads you down to it. Originally i had the logo the size of the tree width, but i felt it was too in your face so i pulled it in slightly to sit inside the design. Although the trees were still too dense so i decreased the back two to 30% from 60%, and the main centre tree to 40% from 66%. I think its important to have more opacity on the centre tree to draw you in to the frame. But i noticed this low opacity made the trees look really dull, so i increased the colour balance in the greens to allow them to still have a dominant colour behind the text.

I added the logo on to my website to compare how it worked with the old logo. Straight away the text stands out and draws the eyes in, but i did prefer the longer frame. I felt the balance between my name and photography was too square, so by reducing the text size of photography it sits underneath my name creating an impression of a vertically longer logo.

Final logo
Logo Plain

I decided to add an icon to my site instead of having the word press logo, which i used the centre tree for. I found since this was the base of my logo, it could follow through the theme. The green is also eye-catching and the tree is something relatable.

I was on landscape magazine’s website, and noticed that their icon had a transparent background. I hadn’t previously noticed this about mine, so i went back to my file and made the background transparent. I definitely prefer it now, as i feel it looks more clean and professional.


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