Business Cards

I began my making a Pinterest board dedicated to business cards. I find this is a useful way to brainstorm ideas to make a moodboard. I want my business card to reflect me as a photographer, and although i have no set theme to my photography, they are often outdoors and travel like. I wanted to use a simple photograph that will sit nicely on the face of the card, that is striking in colour or leading lines. I got caught up in thinking it would have to be a clean professional photograph, but when going on Pinterest, may of the images are creative outlooks on the artists work.

I wanted all the text on the front and back to be black, to match my other business stationary and logo. On the Back of my card, i included my website address and email address as my key information, as this allows people to view more of my work, and contact me, without having too many options. A phone number often changes, but emails tend to stay consistent so i feel this is a more secure method of getting work. I included my name in logo form to keep the theme running, and simply identified my job role.

I didn’t know whether to use a portrait or landscape, and began with this portrait of a child in Sri Lanka. I chose this image because of his interaction with the viewer, he is reaching out to them. Although i like this as an image, having text on the frame looked too jammed in, and couldn’t be central without me obstructing the main features of the photograph. I found this wasn’t clear enough what the card is about without having something on the front.

I then tried experimented with a full frame photograph, that had no direct focus area, so i could overlay my logo centrally without ruining the frame. I tried having the background at different capacities, and found that the logo wasn’t standing out enough on the background. I decided to try a box method, by putting my logo on top of a box, with a lowered opacity, the textures of the trees still came through but allowed my logo to stand out. I then matched the border of the inside with the picture.

I still wanted to try different landscapes, so i tried this image that has naturally the empty space for an logo. Although the logo didn’t need the box here, i think it added to the space by making it stand out more. By having the box, i could make logo smaller so it wasn’t so in your face, and looked more natural.

Final Design

I chose this design because i feel it is a versatile image, that doesn’t have any political or offensive content, and will appeal to a wide range of people. Although it doesn’t directly identify my type of photography, this can be found from the information on the back. I finally chose to change my back of the card to mirror the front, to make the card seem as one piece instead of a front and back. Using a low opacity and flipping the image makes a subtle but effective result when you turn the card around as you are looking at the same thing. I decided to use a more subtle font, as the other one was structured and harsh, whereas these rounded letters are more inviting.



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