Hatherley Park

Before I made any decisions, I wanted to visit Hatherley Park, as the project sounded like something I would want to work with, but I had never visited the area. I was surprised at how hidden this park is within a residential street, with just a small gate and sign to enter. But when I walked in, I was overwhelmed at the size, cleanliness and beauty of the park. There were lots of adults with young babies/children, elderly people on walks, and toddlers in the play park.

I went on a sunny day as I wanted to see how the park thrived in the sun. I went on Monday 13th Feb, so I didn’t think it would’ve been too busy as its a week day and cold in February. I was delighted to see the amount of people still out in the park.

I wanted to shoot a roll of film in the park to see how the images would come out. I mainly stuck to landscapes to work with highlights and shadows. It was a very bright day, so I mainly worked on f22, which was useful to get whole frames in focus, but didn’t allow me to play with the settings much. I used a Pentax k1000 and a light meter, although I found the light meter inside the camera very useful. As I knew I had to have a small aperture because of the brightness, I could work manually without the light meter to get my exposures.

I enjoyed the range of shots I could get in a small area. I originally thought a park may be too small of a subject, but after seeing the people I knew that this was something I wanted to work with. After this, I contacted the Friends of Hatherley Park on Facebook, which they had requested to be contacted on, to arrange a project.

Good-morning, my name is Chloe Lomax and I met two of your volunteers at the networking event at Hardwick. I have since visited Hatherley Park, and really enjoyed the experience and would therefore love to be part of the project of documenting the park. If you have any more information on the project, of what you would like to be documented, or details of contact numbers, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you, Chloe

Hi Chloe, Thanks for getting in touch. Beccy and I really enjoyed meeting everyone last week. I am not in Cheltenham this week, perhaps we could meet up after the 20th Feb? My mobile number is 07902041540 I’m very interested in recording people’s memories of the park in the past. would that be something you’d like to do/ looking forward to seeing you again very soon. Lorna


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