Networking Event

At the networking event we met dozens of people that ran community organisations. They looked after things such as the environment and people with disabilities.

The two organisations that sparked my interest were:

Friends of Hatherley Park

The friends of Hatherley Park are a group of volunteers that look after the wellbeing of the park in their spare time. The park includes a lake, a green and a play park, which they maintain to a high standard to ensure the community can continue to enjoy it. They have proposed a project of documenting peoples memories of the park. Many of the people in the area have lived there for many years and have ongoing memories of the area, as well as new people that are coming to experience the park which is made possible by the friends. They said they have archival material that new work can be compared with to make a time lapse of images.

Charlton Kings Parish Council

Charlton Kings Parish Council are interested in getting documents of the town at the current time. They have archival work that they want to continue to build, to increase the sense of community and present how the town has changed. They were particularly keen on the fact the images will be on BW film, as it stands the test of time and would complement the older images. They were very supportive in wanting to work with us, offering their time for meetings and extra information.


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