Finding Subjects

Meeting subjects for this project has to be approached sensitively and in the right way to get people on board. What you want from them must be clear from the beginning to allow them to be comfortable with you entering their lives.

Ways of meeting migrants:

  • Networking events – organised events where migrant communities/migrants are invited to work with you. This is helpful as it often means the people that come are already open to the idea of working with you.
  • Internet – finding groups of people online is the fastest way. Although it is much less personal. The way you write and email or message must feel personal, not like a generic message you have sent to multiple organisations.
  • Mutual friends – this is a good way of meeting people as the mutual person will often recommend you in a positive light, making it easier to form a bond.
  • Visiting high population areas – there are areas such as towns or streets that are known for migrants. It may be due to the foreign shops or culture, but approaching people here makes it easier to meet lots of people at once.

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