Migrant Project

Collaborative projects involve both the photographer and the subject having creative control. In this project, me and a migrant organisation/ a migrant will create a 10-15 image photo book on a subject that has been discussed by both parties, ensuring it presents a narrative that the subject is happy with to ensure there is no misinterpretation.

What collaborative and participatory projects have in common is that they both center around a same thing, the main focus of the project. In both, you can work with each others expertises. If I am doing the photography, that is my expertise, and they provide the knowledge on the subject, together they balance to make the project. Instead of treating them as a subject, they are an equal.

Participatory: The migrant can create the images in the project. For example, I could teach them techniques on how to present their view points, and then their own images could create the book. Or they may write the text to accompany the images. It fully empowers the subject and they are ore likely to have a say over the final images, I am allowing them to tell their own story through my knowledge.

Collaborative: They help decide on things such as the location choice or image selection, having editorial control over the project.


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