Placement, Landscape Magazine

After my placement with Countryfile fell through, i decided to look magazines that concentrated more on landscape and lifestyle magazines. I sent emails out to many magazines such as The Landscape Magazine, Devonlife Magazine and Cotswold magazine.

landscape.jpgI recieved a response from my first choice, Landscape magazine ( which i am really pleased with. I have been in contact with the Editior, Hilary Scott, and the email process was quite casual which made me feel relaxed and welcome. I chose this magazine because of its dedication to the natural world. I find the photography in the magazine is at a high standard, with a clean, inspiring, happy aesthetic. Although i wont be taking images on my placement, working on the magazine will educate me on what kind of images they expect and use in publishing, which i think will positively contribute to my work flow. It gives me good access to the magazine industry, finding out how it works and how to get connections.

The magazine focuses on:
“Gorgeous gardening
Enjoy the beauty and diversity of the British garden and its plants. You’ll find inspiration and advice as we invite you into gardens where nature and nurture flourish.
Inspirational cookery
Every issue has tempting recipes that make the most of the season’s produce. You’ll find new ways to enjoy traditional favourites for every meal.
Exquisite craft
You can create beautiful decorations using seasonal flowers and foliage. Follow our step-by-step guides to creating simple crafts for home and garden.
Britain’s rich heritage
Read about the craftsmen and women who are keeping Britain’s traditional skills alive. Visit towns, villages and countryside that encapsulates the country’s proud history.
Changing countryside
Learn about the animals and birds that inhabit our fields, rivers and coasts. And we explain how there’s more to many of our farm animals than meets the eye.”

In my work i enjoy follow documentary’s of landscapes, small communities and unique people or findings. I feel the work between me and the magazine will complement each other perfectly, and enhance my eye for detail in these areas.

In an industry which works primarily on connections to get work, it is useful to work for bases such as this who can promote you and your work. Any placements will help your development as a photographer, but placements in your own field, will kick start your career and knowledge.


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