Different Film

Ilford FP-4

prdd453cc7e-584b-4903-972b-e4f2356d2c11.jpg.pngA common and easily available film, with an extremely fine grain. Its good for architectural and landscape work due to its good tonality and fine detail. These two images are both taken on this film, processed with the two options of developer that are available to me. Both present the depth that comes through the mid tones, present great detail the film can present.


Fuji Acros 100


This film has a fine grain and high resolution, and its biggest point is that it works well with long exposures. A review said it becomes a faster film than any of the 400ISO films that lose speed quickly in dim light, and keeps its fine grain. Its mid tone is flat, so better for night than day.

The white and blacks on this film are very strong. Both of these images are developed normally, and have a great tonal range. The shadow detail in the night image is incredible, so I can see why it works well for night images. In the day time image, I agree the mid tones are very flat, but the strong black and white tones make up for this, I think it is a very striking film.


Kodak Tri-X 400


Good film for street photography and portraits. High contrast, slightly higher grain than the 100 speed films. D-76 is considered its normal developer, giving a smoother grain, but rodinal can be used for a sharper, harsher grain. I prefer the film processed in D-76 for the smoother finish, and the high contrast, but in rodinal I feel it looks too gritty and cynical, although this would work for some images.


All info and images from: http://crawfordphotoschool.com/film/choosing-film.php

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