Making the brand logo

I find Pinterest a really useful tool to make mood boards and gather ideas. I made my own folder called brand, which you can view below. I collected logos that i found interesting or that captured my eye, as well as font ideas and drawings.

I found i really likes the capital, sans-serif type of logos, which boldly addressed the name of the photographer or brand. I found that many used the wide spacing between letters which i think works really effectively.

I don’t think my initials, C L L, work well together as a logo, as there is too much empty space in the C and L, and the curve and straight do not sit smoothly together, so i decided to stay away from initial type logos in my research.

e29f69a06842ecddf2ac66ae02a5be5e.jpgOne of the first branding sets that i was really interested in was the Hunter K. Fowler photography brand. My favourite part was the Website logo, with the bold name and simple artistic flowers behind. It draws your eyes to the centre of the logo then back out to the name, and it balances the lower word of photography. Although i like this theme, im unsure of the relevance of the flowers, it is aesthetically pleasing but she isn’t a flower photographer. But aesthetics are what catch the eye of the viewer, so i feel things like this may be okay to use.

She does also have another logo which has been used on business cards. I do not like having two different logos as I feel it is un-necessary, and can get confusing for the client. I feel that the circle does not address who she is as clearly, just using the initials, and i therefore favour the first logo.

I think the straight logo works well on the business card as it lays across the centre grid, pulling the eyes in and across in the most dominant directions.

new forets.png Because of my interest in landscape photography, i became drawn to this logo because of the use of simple trees. Although i do not like the font, i think the letters are too straight up to make them eye-catching enough, the straight line leading to the central trees is effective. Using the same centre grid as the previous logo, the eyes are drawn in. Testing the logo on multiple background options is something i may consider doing as i feel it has been useful here to determine the correct colour for the logo.

Looking at professional landscape photographers logos, non of them stood out to me. With david taylors, the use of colour works well to bring out his identity, but there is no focal point. With Guy richardsons, the logo was used on a dark background on which the grey stood out, and although it is more fancy than Taylor’s, it still doesn’t strike me. Hoddinott’s logo is the most creative, using the dragonfly to identify his type of photography along with the earthly green. But it is an unusual shape, which would work well on a website but may be difficult to follow through with business cards.

img_2142I began my designing process by reflecting on my Pinterest board. I knew i wanted something landscape like on my logo, such as trees or mountains, to reflect my photography and personality. I had a good idea of the font i wanted to use, spaced out caps. My first design used the mountain of the pinterest board, but although i liked the lay out, i felt the mountain was too dominant on the frame. I decided to go for something more subtle, such as the watercolour trees i had found.The only problem i faced here was getting the text to stand out on top of the trees, so i had to work with the opacitiy and colour levels of the trees. I experiemented with the text in different places, and i feel it stood out a lot better underneath the trees, but i didnt think this was as complementary to the style.

final-brand-logoI finished with this logo. I feel i found the balance betwen the trees and the text, although the text is ofset to the right slightly with an extra letter which i need to correct. I am pleased with it as i feel it represents me and my ethics in my work correctly, in a subtle but eyecatching design that would work on both cards and my website.


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