Evaluation 3 minute video

I am pleased with my 3 minute video because it flows in both image and audio, and all the speech is original and engaging. I feel the video presents the togetherness of the club well, and shows the different environments that they spend their time in perfectly. I feel Laura did a very good job at narrating the main body of the video, without repeating herself or stuttering much which made the editing process a lot easier for me. I like how i have various footage of each person so it doesn’t have to be a set frame whilst they talk. Though there are various places where I would like the audio to flow better, but as many of the speakers spoke fast in continued sentences, they were hard to trim down and put together without an abrupt ending. Also the audio sometimes has music behind it which I now can not affect, making the speaking less dominant. I feel that i initially filmed too much footage from the first night, because it made the editing process much longer than it needed to be, as much of the footage repeated itself. Something i would change is to do all the private interviews, such as Jake’s and the team members in the same place, to keep the lighting and audio levels the same. Though this is something i have learnt and can reflect on in future projects. Also i feel i could’ve experimented more with angles, but due to the fast pace nature of the team members moving it was difficult to be get in angles which wouldn’t cause a safety hazard.  Also at the end of the video, i would’ve wanted images of all Team leaders, which is something i could’ve planned in advance.

Everyone i filmed responded very well, wanted to corporate and interact with the camera. I had no issues with people not wanting to be filmed. I had consent from the whole team i was filming before they started drinking, making sure i was allowed to use the footage.

I responded well to my brief to present the true nature of a social in Cheltenham town. It is fun and brings the community together, and has a primary focus on drinking.

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