Editing final video

With the 3 minute audio from Laura, i found it dramatically easier to create a long video. My biggest worry was making it repetitive and therefore loosing the passion from the team members, but I worked with the clip as a base, and used the videos to suit the speech. It was easy to select what audio to use from the 3 minute audio, as i knew what the previous interviews had said to balance them out. I placed the alternative interviews throughout the video to break up Lauras voice, to ensure it wasn’t a constant speech from one person which someone could easily loose attention too.

I ensured i focused on the smaller details of the video, such as the composition and the editing. I ensured the exposure was correct, as well as the white balance on all clips. I made my video, and the group frame is my opening shot, but i found it was unbalanced on the frame. So on reflection, i zoomed in to the frame to allow them to fill the crop, not leaving any empty space and creating a more direct link from the start of the video.

I decided to use the pictures at the end of the film to identify the Team Leaders, whom starred in the video. I added text saying who they were and their role, but it took me a while to choose the font and placement, as the background is detailed and the text could easily get lost in the drawing. But i placed it top right hand corner, same on each image so it could be easily recognisable throughout the images. It would of been better if i had images of all the team members from this stage, but at the time i did not know i was going to use it for this so i didn’t capture all of them.

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-13-26-29I placed them all at two second intervals, which i feel is enough time to identify and read who they are, without feeling like they are taking up too much time. I wanted to use relaxed, fun photographs that reflected on the personalities of the club, which i feel makes them more relatable.


screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-13-26-19Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 13.29.12.pngAs there are both male and female speakers in the video, occasionally i would use an average 2 second gap to separate the audio, so it would give you time to adjust to the new voice. I feel the transition from female to male is quite harsh, as Laura has a very relaxed voice, and this smooths it out. I also used the fade transition to stitch together audio that had stutters, or as gradient between speakers/sounds.

I decided to add a front title as i realised if you had not been told the context, the first frame of the video is very ambiguous. Until Laura states she is the social sec of lacrosse, you are unaware who you are looking at or why.  I kept it the same as titles at the end of the video, but had the colour as white as the frame is full of deep red and black tones. I faded the frame in over a longer period than usual to allow the white to stand out and be the primary focus of the frame.


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