Edit 6. Squares


Once I had added the Iceland images, I found the book became very long and because of this seemed repetitive. I had a new idea to place the similar images together, like the 4 objects, in a grid on the page. I originally placed them in a grid on one page, but I felt it made the neighbouring page look overly empty and overwhelmed by the grid. I placed it over two, and found this worked a lot better, the images mirrored each other across the fold which complemented the similar compositions. It also complements the text to image proportions, as these images wont need a caption of text with them.

Though I liked this set up, it looked odd as it was the only grid in the entire book. So I then decided to try the same with the Iceland pictures, adding images I wouldn’t of used as singles, but work well as a grid. They complement the ground images of Dartmoor by presenting the ground there. I placed them after the sea pictures, as I feel this creates a better introduction to the change in landscape as it presents snow, which is something a person would think about when going there.



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