2nd night filming Lacrosse

Going in to my second night of filming, I had a clearer idea of what to expect. I knew what conditions I would be filming in, the reaction of the team and the type of content I was going to get. I had an idea to take some photographs as well as filming, which I could use to introduce the members of the team. I wanted more relaxed interviews of team members, instead of leaders as I feel these would seem more genuine and really present a community within the team.

I used the light box again, and placed the camera on the tripod at the back of the SU. As there are multiple teams in the SU, at times their noise overwhelmed the sound of the interviews, but generally this wasn’t a problem. The background looks creative with the drawing of the SU, and the lighting was clean. As I kept everything in the same position, all the content flowed and the images matched the videos. Although the bright clean lighting looks very different from those of the first week, apart from the ones taken before the social, so when putting these together in the 3 minute video I will have to ensure they dont unbalance each other. I took a few more videos of the circle, things I had missed out on before. They were also sat differently in the circle, with freshers on the floor, so I captured this as an alternative viewpoint.

The team members I interviewed were all confident and happy to be filmed along with their images being taken. Although they all seem to say similar things, so I will have to ensure the interviews do not become repetitive.


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