Adding Images. Edit 5

I had planned a trip to Iceland in Dec 2016. Without the snow, the grassy areas of Iceland look similar to the ground of areas like Dartmoor in the UK, so I thought the images may create a good comparison in the book. They use the landscape very differently from the UK, with a much lower population they do not have the pressure to build on their land.

I complied a small edit of images that would fit my theme of industrialised landscapes. I am glad by the time I went I had discovered my style of photography for the project, so I knew what images to take to make them relevant.

I initially selected 12 images from the edit to put into the book. They included landscapes and close ups of the ground, to complement the series of 4 images of animal bones and parts on the floor on Dartmoor.


I began by placing them in the book as a long strip, next to the blue tone images to follow through with the colour gradient. I originally went with the image of the road following on from the sea images, to create a sense of movement and changing landscape. I also included the image of the black stones which was meant to present the change in geology and ground type, but the black was too harsh in comparison to the rest of the book, so i removed this and allowed a subtle landscape, which directly presented an industrialised landscape to take priority.









I feel that these images would fit the theme well, but in a different book. I decided that they are too direct, and dont flow with the ambiguous landscapes. The tones are too bright and clean, and i feel that the images i already have dont need something direct like this to drive them. They can stand on their own to motivate the reader.






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