Inserting images

I found that image section was the easiest part of the book. As I had already spent a long time going through my images, and through my work book I could see the images together on a page which I find really helps me. This meant that most of my images flowed naturally, but two images I wanted to put in didn’t necessarily fit the book flow.

I tried to make the book flow through location, allowing the viewer to go on a story. This also meant that the captions flowed in terms of context.

I tired the images with the fog in multiple lay outs, but due to the blue/green nature of the colour scheme, the harsh white didn’t fit in. Although like with the yellow flowers, it draws the viewer in, with this image it threw them off. With the railing image, although the colours were right, the lack of context meant it didn’t really fit in the process. The main point of the frame was the light hitting the lines, but I feel this wouldn’t be done any justice in a book. At this point i began to realise the difference between the good images and images that work together. My favourite photographs may not be in the final edit, because the viewer will not see it as a ‘favourite image’ it will just throw the flow of the book off.


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